Sunday, April 5, 2009

Project Number 4: It's a baby blanket quilt (or it's just some experiment for quilt, never be anything after all)

Well, there must be some start for everything rite, and please excuse me if I'm too ambitious when I start but too lazy to continue :P

But no no no, I do hope I can finish this quilt, it will be fun to have a quilted blanket I did myself. (and hopefully it will be two, three, four, five, and many more :D)

It seems that when you get into the world of fabrics, needle and yarn, you will somehow feel the interest to try other things. I started with crochet, and after reading books about embroidery for sooo long, I started my embroidery. Then since I had to make something out that embroidery, I started to use my Singer Girl which I've bought back several months before. Then I felt the thought to try quilting, and I ended buying quilting tools that cost me one month of my lunch :P

So this is my trying to do quilt, using the new rotary cutter and cutting board, I must say that the tools make it so much easier to square the fabrics and cut them. I've tried using scissors and pencil to mark the fabric, and I was soo frustated :P

I had the thought to make a baby blanket out of this (why I keep wanting to make baby blanket? I guess because it's small enough but big enough to make a real project hehe). Mmh, but I don't know, it's really hard to spend the time to do this quilt at home, most of my works are done on train. I guess if it needs too much time I would just do some cushions cover with this quilt.

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