Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Project Number 2: Ezlink Card Case for Brusbi

I found this book in the library and I fell in love with it right away. Yes, my embroidery skill is very limited, but I found one design that is so easy to do.
I wanted to keep my embroidery projects in small scales – I would have to sew them to be something, and I still don’t have much confidence to do big sewing like bags or whatever.

We (I meant most of the people, and me all the time :P) in Singapore travel everywhere by MRT or by bus. I thought that making some card case is a small enough project but can be pretty at the same time :)

I found difficulties in doing the lining (excuse me, I’m a very beginner in sewing – haha, excuses :P) and putting the button, but they’re just parts of learning processes aren’t them? :)

This Card case was given to my colleague, Puspita aka Puspi aka Brusbi:)

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