Monday, April 13, 2009

Project Number 5 (Though it's actually earlier than the 1st): Granny Squares

Actually I had started these squares before I started to learn sewing. Crocheting was the only thing I could do when it comes to yard and hook or needle things, and I was only able to do the standard stitches.

I really love to see my sister's work, and so I told her that I also wanted to learn how to read pattern, so I could make those cute things she made with crochet. She told me to start with granny squares, so we ended spending hours talking between Singapore - Chiang Mai using Skype so she could teach me how to follow a pattern :)

After one and two grannies, I went to the stores to buy three colours yard for my granny blanket. At first I wanted to make a baby blanket for my friend's baby, but looking at the time I need to finish one granny, I guess the blanket will be ready when the baby is already 5 years old :P

So I decided to make for myself, though I never know either when I would finish this one. I make a basic granny squares, and green and yellow surely are not my favourite colours *they were choosen by the baby's father :P but I guess I can live with that.

These grannies are done on my way to office or back home from office - like my other embroidery things and everything I can do on train and at the bus stop. I guess people now are starting to accept this weird knitting/sewing girl to sit beside them on train :P

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  1. Hai....
    Salam kenal juga.
    I also love your work. They're very pretty.